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SOLVIT 19 September 2023

SOLVIT, communication problems between Italian and Luxembourg social security institutions

An incorrect functioning of the communication system between the Italian and Luxembourg public administrations deprives a citizen of the health care service.


SOLVIT 10 August 2023

SOLVIT, issue of S1 model for medical care in another EU country

An Italian citizen who moved to Austria is able to quickly obtain the Model S1 thanks to SOLVIT and to ensure health coverage for her daughter who suffers from serious health problems.

SOLVIT , healthcare , frontier worker

SOLVIT 3 June 2022

SOLVIT, problems over the issue of the “operating licence” for a Luxembourg symphony orchestra

The Luxembourg Philharmonia risked having to cancel its concert programme in Italy because of national authorities' differing views on the issue of the “operating licence”. Thanks to SOLVIT’s intervention (both Italian and Luxembourg centres), the problems were overcome and the musical performances could be held regularly.


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