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SOLVIT is a free service designed to help EU citizens and enterprises find quick solutions to the cross-border (non-domestic) problems they encounter in the internal market. It is an online network of national centres in all EU Member States and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, which work together to find solutions to cross-border problems caused by the misapplication of EU rules by national administrations.

SOLVIT Centres are part of the national public administration and are committed to and are committed to providing concrete solutions to concrete issues within ten weeks from when the complaint is officially opened.

Why turn to SOLVIT

SOLVIT is an alternative procedure for the quick resolution of the trans-boundary problems caused by an improper application of EU rules on Single Market, avoiding recourse to the law in a spirit of effectiveness and transparency.

When turn to SOLVIT

Citizens and businesses can turn to SOLVIT for the resolution of problems in the field of social security, healthcare, recognition of professional qualification, free movement of people, goods, services and capital, visas for UE citizens relatives, voting rights, border controls, driver licenses and vehicles registration, access to education, employment rights, market access of goods and services, public procurement, tax system.

How to submit a case to SOLVIT

Both citizens and enteprises can solve their problems with a public body by submitting their case to SOLVIT, preferably through the European Commission Website or addressing to their national SOLVIT Centre by fax, e-mail or letter.

Quality standards

SOLVIT Centres have established some fundamental rules to be followed while offering solutions to citizens and businesses, such as prompt reply to questions and proper instructions.

Solved cases

A review of cases followed and solved by the Italian SOLVIT Centre

How to join us

The Italian SOLVIT Centre seats at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department of European Policies.

SOLVIT for business

In recent years, the Italian Department for European Policies has launched across the country several initiatives aimed at strengthening cooperation between the national SOLVIT centre and the Enterprise Europe Network and stepping up assistance to businesses.

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