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Press releases 14 March 2023

Minister Fitto meets the Spanish Secretary of State for the European Union

The meeting was an opportunity for "a fruitful and in-depth exchange of views" on "economic themes, energy, green transition, migration, enlargement, external relations and the future of the Union", thus the Minister Raffaele Fitto.

Press releases 28 December 2022

Minister Fitto: NRRP objectives for 31 December 2022 met

"This is the result of significant teamwork, also based on constructive political dialogue with the European Commission which, among other things, has allowed a number of critical issues to be overcome regarding the achievement of some objectives", stated the Minister for European Affairs, Southern Italy, Cohesion Policy and the NRRP, Raffaele Fitto.

NRRP , National Recovery and Resilience Plan

Press releases 15 June 2022

Undersecretary Amendola, “The Conference on the Future of Europe opens the reform agenda: Italy will rise to the challenge”

The Conference on the Future of Europe “has been a year-long journey, born out of the need to look to a future for our continent, for our Union,” Vincenzo Amendola declared at the States-General held in Rome this morning. “The 49 Recommendations that emerged from the work of the Conference on the Future of Europe are a necessary contribution, now on the tables of those who, like us, want to open the reform yard. And Italy will be up to the challenge.”

Conference on the Future of Europe

Press releases 17 May 2022

Undersecretary Amendola in Bratislava: "Slovakia is an example of welcoming refugees, open dialogue"

The institutional visit to Austria and Slovakia ended in Bratislava. After a greeting with Prime Minister Eduard Heger, Undersecretary Amendola had several meetings. Together with his counterpart Martin Klus, he visited the reception centre in Bratislava and discussed the topics of the forthcoming European Council and the EU response to Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Press releases 16 May 2022

Undersecretary Amendola in Vienna: Italy and Austria together for European unity

First day of institutional meetings in Vienna for Undersecretary Amendola. "Italy and Austria are strengthening cooperation at European level on crucial dossiers such as Ukraine, sanctions against Russia, and a common energy union. Only united will the EU be able to overcome this terrible test,” the Undersecretary commented at the end of his visit.

Press releases 9 May 2022

Undersecretary Amendola, an united Europe to build peace

"In this historical moment only an united Europe can protect us from the abyss of the nearby war. Only an united Europe can build peace. Europe needs change to face the challenges of the new world advancing before our eyes." Undersecretary Amendola thus commented from the final session of the Conference on the Future of Europe in Strasbourg, on the occasion of the 72nd Europe Day.

Europe Day , Conference on the Future of Europe

Press releases 5 May 2022

Undersecretary Amendola at The State of the Union: Unity is the only way forward for next generations

This morning Undersecretary Vincenzo Amendola opened the twelfth edition of “The State of the Union” at the Badia Fiesolana. In his speech he recalled that "at a time of crisis and profound uncertainty for the fate of the entire world, only through common decisions in the field of foreign policy, energy and security, will Europe rely on the right tools to carry weight on the international stage." And he urged Europe "to take a courageous leap forward for its own future and that of the next generations of European citizens."

The State of the Union

Press releases 11 April 2022

Amendola says “Young people call for a stronger Europe. We must listen to them”

"Young European citizens are calling for a stronger Europe that is up to our changing world. We must listen to them, starting from their requests and ambitions and opening up to the reform of the Treaties." Undersecretary Amendola declared it when speaking today at the Campidoglio on the occasion of the event involving Roman high-school and university students dedicated to the Conference on the Future of Europe. "Today the future of the EU primarily relies on peace and free and democratic coexistence of peoples."

Conference on the Future of Europe

Press releases 31 March 2022

Ukraine, Amendola says Italian solidarity is on the front line in Poland 

"Two intense days on the Polish-Ukrainian border, where I experienced first-hand solidarity with Ukrainian refugees. I had the opportunity to express our support to the Polish government for this extraordinary reception effort and honour the strong commitment of the Italians operating here" Undersecretary Amendola declared upon conclusion of his institutional visit to Poland.


Press releases 23 March 2022

Amendola on the EU – United in Brussels for Ukraine, common energy and defence

"The EU is coping with the consequences of the conflict cohesively. Common defence and energy union are priority objectives", Undersecretary Amendola highlighted ahead of the European Council of 24 and 25 March. "The Italian government will go to Brussels with a strong mandate from Parliament at a crucial time for Europe and beyond".


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