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SOLVIT for business

In the Action Plan on strengthening the European network SOLVIT adopted on 2nd May 2017, the European Commission draws the attention on the limited number of businesses accessing SOLVING across the EU.

In most cases, businesses asked for the solution of legal issues in the field of taxation and the free circulation of services and goods (2016 data) with a case resolution rate of 80 percent.

According to the European Commission the SOLVIT network should treat a higher number of cases involving companies and promote greater knowledge about the help that SOLVIT can provide for businesses. The Commission also underlined the importance to undertake promotional initiatives at national level and, to this aim, provides support to national initiatives that enhance cooperation with business information and assistance networks, in particular with the European Enterprise Network (EEN) which assists SMEs and start-ups. Member States are requested to take similar measures at national level.

To promote this cooperation, the EC has provided an operation manual which sets out the communication procedures to be followed between SOLVIT centers and the EEN networks.

In recent years, the Department for European Policy has launched several initiatives to strengthen the cooperation system also in Italy:

  • Workshop "Digital Europe for citizens and businesses: collaborative economy and SOLVIT "organised within the PAForum (Rome, May 24th 2018)
  • A working session during the "National Italy Enterprise Europe Network meeting" in which the Department presented the opportunities offered by SOLVIT at the EEN network contact points, mediators and businesses representative organizations (Venice, April 23-24th 2018)
  • The "European law and enforcement of the rules governing the single European market", during which Unioncamere Calabria EEN/Europe Direct provided a questionnaire for businesses in order to play the pivotal role of the Italian SOLVIT Centre (Lamezia Terme, March 6th 2018).
  • During a videoconference with the EEN network Italian contact points at the University of Calabria. The opportunities for cooperation between SOLVIT Italy and the EEN network territorial contact points have been shown. Furthermore, within the videoconference, the possibility of setting up SOLVIT Italia's local offices has been discussed in order to provide local businesses with a local point of contact when cross-border problems caused by the incorrect application of EU law by public authorities occurre (Arcavata di Rende, province of Cosenza, December 13th 2017).
  • A conference in collaboration with Europortello Veneto, Unioncamere Veneto, Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce and Customs Agency entitled 'The new EU Customs Code: customs procedures', organized in the framework of the cooperation initiated by the Department with the six EEN Italian consortia. The event involved about forty companies representatives operating on the territory (Belluno, November 28th November 2017).
  • Presentation of the SOLVIT network at a conference for enterprises organised by Confcommercio (Milan, 2017)
  • a dedicated workshop for enterprises within the PA Forum (Rome, May 2017)
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