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When turn to SOLVIT

The following is a list of problems citizens and businesses might incur in, which can be solved by SOLVIT:

  • Social Security;
  • Healthcare;
  • Recognition of professional qualifications;
  • Free movement of people, goods and services;
  • Visas for UE citizens relatives;
  • Voting rights;
  • Border controls;
  • Driver licenses and vehicles registration;
  • Access to education;
  • Employment rights;
  • Market access of goods and services;
  • Public procurement;
  • Tax system;
  • Free movement of capitals.

 Though the list is not exhaustive, SOLVIT takes into consideration all cases falling within the criteria indicated in the list.

Non-profit organizations acting on behalf of citizens and businesses can turn to SOLVIT too.

It is not possible to submit a case to SOLVIT if a lawsuit has already been filed.

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