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European Professional Card

The European Professional Card (EPC) is an electronic procedure available since 2016 to obtain recognition of one's professional qualifications for the purpose of pursuing a regulated professions in another EU country.

The EPC is easier, faster and even more transparent as compared to ordinary procedures for the recognition of professional qualifications

It may be used as an alternative to the traditional procedure, both for establishment and for the free provision of services, for the following professions:

  • pharmacists
  • physiotherapists
  • nurses responsbile for general care
  • mountain guides
  • estate agents

The professional can apply for the Card through the Your Europe website by following the instructions "Apply for an EPC Card".

The section "Check the formalities for the EPC card in your country" lists the documents required by the Member State where the professional intends to establish permanently or practise his/her activity temporarily or occasionally.

It is recommended to scan in high resolution and separately each document required by the competent authority and not to exceed the 10 MB.

In the case of establishment or temporary provision of services for professions that have an impact on public health or safety, the application, submitted to the country of origin, is transferred online to the host country which, after the appropriate verifications, decides whether to issue the card immediately, subject the delivery toto compensation measures (adaptation period of up to three years or, in principle, at the applicant's choice, aptitude test) or denie it, explaining the reasons for the decision.

In Italy, the Card is issued by the national competent authorities.

In the event that the professional intends to practise under the freedom to provide services a profession which is not listed under Article 7.4 (regulated professions with public security or public health implications for which the host Member State may require prior verification of professional qualifications), the card is issued by the competent authority of the home Member State, where applicable, and replaces the prior declaration of the traditional procedure.

The issuance of the Card, for the purposes of establishment, does not confer an automatic right to pursue the profession in Italy, if the Italian legislation envisages further requirements or control procedures. 

In particular, the practice of the profession of:

  • pharmacist is subject to registration with the territorially competent Order of Pharmacists;
  • nurse is subject to registration in the National Federation of Nursing Professions (FNOPI);
  • mountain guide is subject to registration in the Register of Regional and Provincial Colleges;
  • real estate agent is subject to the presentation of the "SCIA" (Certificate of Start of Business) to the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of the town in which the professional intends to practice.

Employers, professional organisations and other interested parties can check the validity of the Card online on the Your Europe website.

The EPC holder is due to date the personal data entered online at the time of the request. Specifically, given that employers or other interested parties can check the validity of the Card online using both the reference number of the card itself and the identity card of the EPC holder, he/she new identity card, in case of any changes.

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