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SOLVIT, issue of S1 model for medical care in another EU country

10 August 2023

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An Italian citizen who moved to Austria is able to quickly obtain the Model S1 thanks to SOLVIT and to ensure health coverage for her daughter who suffers from serious health problems.

Maria, but the name is purely invented, moved to Austria at the end of June and communicated the transfer to the Italian municipality of residence. At the same time, it immediately requires the Model S1 as a frontier worker resident in Austria but operating in Italy.

Model S1 is a certificate of entitlement to healthcare if the applicant does not live in the country in which he or she is insured. The model, issued by the health service of the country in which you are insured, is requested by posted and cross-border workers, pensioners or civil servants and their dependent family members. In essence, it allows Maria to register with the Austrian Health Service by providing her and her dependent family with full health care under the conditions laid down for Austrian citizens, with charges for the Italian State.

But the request is blocked because, she is told, she must first register with the AIRE without which the S1 model cannot be issued. The AIRE is the Register of Italians residing abroad and is mandatory for citizens who transfer their residence abroad for periods longer than 12 months. A condition in which it is evident that Mary does not ask SOLVIT for help. She needs to get the S1 model as soon as possible to provide her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter with the necessary medical treatment she cannot access because she has no health coverage in Austria.

"We dealt with the case immediately given the situation – explains the staff of SOLVIT Italy – and we immediately contacted our Austrian SOLVIT colleagues. Thanks also to the rapid collaboration of the local health care agency of South Tyrol, it was possible to get the S1 model to Maria in a few days, thus allowing her daughter to benefit from health care in Austria".

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