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Single Digital Gateway

The Single Digital Gateway is one of the initiatives provided for in the Single Digital Market Strategy to respond to the increased mobility needs of European citizens and businesses.

The Gateway is a single point of access to information, procedures and assistance and problem-solving services in number of single market areas of interest for businesses and citizens such as travelling within the European Union, studying and training in another Member State, starting, conducting or closing a business.

From December 2020, citizens and businesses moving across EU borders will have easy access to assistance services and information on European and national rules that apply to different personal or professional events such as travel, retirement, education, employment, health care, etc.

As of December 2023, series of asministrative procedures, such as registration of a car, application for a scholarship or pension benefits will be available paper-free entirely online.

What information can I find?

From 12 December 2020, citizens and businesses wishing to move across the European Union can, via "Your Europe" website, find a series of information (listed in Appendix I to Regulation No. 1724/2018). Read the full list of sectors and the information available thanks to the Single Digital Gateway.

What procedures can I manage online?

As of 12 December 2020, updated information on how to access and use the procedures provided for in Regulation No. 1724/18 can be found in the websites of relevant authorities.

Who can provide me with assistance or help me solve a problem?

In the event of queries regarding the legislation to be applied or problems with access to one of the procedures provided for in Regulation No. 1724/18, citizens and businesses may request, via "Your Europe" website, the Assistance and Problem-Solving Services listed in Appendix III to Regulation No. 1724/2018.

Promotion and communication

The Member States and the Commission coordinate their promotion activities using "Your Europe" logo and ensure user-friendly information and services by the Gateway via the websites of relevant national administrations.

How to recognise the Single Digital Gateway

"Your Europe" is the name under which the Single Digital Gateway is designated and promoted to the general public

The role of the Department

The Department for European Policies ensures liaising with the European Commission and, at a national level, the coordination of competent administrations and bodies at a central, regional and local level.

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