General directive for the administrative action and management of the Department's offices

The General Directive forthe administrative action and management of the offices of the Department for European Policies identifies the guidelines for strategic planning in compliance with the Government's priorities and translates such priorities into strategic reference objectives for the administrative management, indicating the expected results and the responsibilities for implementation.

These objectives are identified in order to ensure the Department efficient, effective and prudent operation that is strict "cost-benefit" balance, prudent use of financial resources and best use of human resources

The Directive includes:

  • the priority programmatic guidelines leading the Department's government action;
  • the strategic reference areas underpinning the strategic objectives of the Department's offices and of the Task Force for infringement procedures;
  • the strategic objectives subject of the planning of the Department's Directorate General and of the Task Force for infringement procedures; this planning consists of specific explanatory sheets prepared by the Directorates General and by the Task Force themselves, which are attached to the Directive and form an integral part thereof;
  • the monitoring and assessment systems to be implemented.



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