Communication Plan

Over 2022, the Department for European Policies will promote initiatives aimed at citizens and fuelling the debate on the future of Europe, involving primarily young people, activating new projects and continuing to support those already underway.

In line with the Italian Government's strategy, actions will continue to focus on the communication campaign to encourage the widest possible participation in the Conference on the Future of Europe.

The Conference aims to revitalise the European process, strengthen its democratic space, and promote a better functioning of the Union by involving – with an inclusive approach – citizens from all walks of life, as well as civil society representatives and authorities at European, national, regional and local level in the future Europe project.

Initiatives aimed at fuelling the debate on the future of Europe will be promoted by activating new initiatives/projects and continuing the most effective ones already tried and tested, in order to help promote a more united, stronger and more democratic Union, improving knowledge of its history and values, as well as European issues of key relevance in the Italian context.

Communication Plan 2022 [IT - .pdf - 373 Kbyte]

Communication Plan
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