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SOLVIT 3 June 2022

SOLVIT, problems over the issue of the “operating licence” for a Luxembourg symphony orchestra

The Luxembourg Philharmonia risked having to cancel its concert programme in Italy because of national authorities' differing views on the issue of the “operating licence”. Thanks to SOLVIT’s intervention (both Italian and Luxembourg centres), the problems were overcome and the musical performances could be held regularly.


10 December 2019

How to join us

The Italian SOLVIT Centre seats at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department of European Policies.


10 November 2017

Solved cases

A review of cases followed and solved by the Italian SOLVIT Centre


18 September 2017


SOLVIT is a free service designed to help EU citizens and enterprises find quick solutions to the cross-border (non-domestic) problems they encounter in the internal market.


1 June 2015

How to submit a case to SOLVIT

Both citizens and enteprises can solve their problems with a public body by submitting their case to SOLVIT, preferably through the European Commission Website or addressing to their national SOLVIT Centre by fax, e-mail or letter.


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