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Press review 31 March 2022

Undersecretary Amendola says it’s now time to change EU immigration policies and pursue a common defence project

"For the first time we are faced with a massive internal migration flow between European countries, and we have finally found the courage to dust down the Temporary Protection Directive" Undersecretary Amendola declared in an interview with the Italian newspaper Avvenire. "After decades of delays, on the occasion of the latest European Council we conceived a common foreign and defence policy project. It is a change in perspective, linked to common investments and commitment to peacekeeping missions outside EU borders, which Italy cannot fail to join."

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Press releases 31 March 2022

Ukraine, Amendola says Italian solidarity is on the front line in Poland 

"Two intense days on the Polish-Ukrainian border, where I experienced first-hand solidarity with Ukrainian refugees. I had the opportunity to express our support to the Polish government for this extraordinary reception effort and honour the strong commitment of the Italians operating here" Undersecretary Amendola declared upon conclusion of his institutional visit to Poland.


Press releases 23 March 2022

Amendola on the EU – United in Brussels for Ukraine, common energy and defence

"The EU is coping with the consequences of the conflict cohesively. Common defence and energy union are priority objectives", Undersecretary Amendola highlighted ahead of the European Council of 24 and 25 March. "The Italian government will go to Brussels with a strong mandate from Parliament at a crucial time for Europe and beyond".


press review 20 March 2022

Undersecretary Amendola, "Attacking Minister Guerini means attacking Italian diplomacy. It's high time for a common foreign policy in Europe"

"The Russian statement is a declaration of powerlessness. Attacking Minister Guerini does not show strength, rather it’s a sign of weakness", Undersecretary Amendola declared it in an interview with La Stampa. Amendola expects next week’s European Council to "make Europe catch up on energy, foreign policy and security. If we want to play a role, we have no other way but to push more on integration.”


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