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Travelling exhibitions

The Department for European Policies designs and promotes travelling photographic and documentary exhibitions across the country, as part of its institutional task of communicating Europe both at national and local level.

The exhibitions are set up in collaboration with local authorities and the information points of the European Commission. They are generally hosted by schools, universities, theatres or other public venues in conjunction with events and events on the European Union.

Since 2017, year of the sixtieth anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, the Department has been promoting two main travelling exhibitions:

Italy in Europe - Europe in Italy

The exhibition "Italy in Europe - Europe in Italy", designed and launched in 2011, was reorganised and enriched. Thanks to the collaboration with the Ansa - national press agency - new contents have been added and the media language has been modernized in order to better involve the younger generations also through the use of new technologies.

Ever Closer Union

"Ever Closer Union - An increasingly united Europe" is a travelling exhibition. Available in 29 languages, the exhibition has been travelling since 2017 across 120 European and non-European countries with the purpose to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome.

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