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 The relations between the Italian Government and the European institutions are ensured by the Prime Minister through a Minister, whose action is supported at administrative level by the Department for European Policies.

The main duties of the Department include:

  • coordinating the participation in the European lawmaking process at national level, as well as the incorporation of EU rules into the Italian legislation system;
  • running the Inter-ministerial Committee on European affairs;
  • drawing up the Annual Report to the Italian Parliament on the participation of Italy in the EU;
  • preventing European infringement proceedings;
  • coordinating issues related to the Single Market, the free movement of persons, services and goods, freedom of establishment, public procurement, intellectual property rights and State aids;
  • communication and  information about the EU, especially on the access to policies, programmes, opportunities and rights.


  • through the national SOLVIT Centre, the Department provides assistance to citizens and companies  reporting cases of incorrect application of the European law by Public Administrations of Member States;
  • through the national Centre for professional qualifications, the Department provides information and assistance to citizens as for the recognition of professional qualifications, as well as for the free provision of services in the EU;
  • as a national contact point of the IMI System (Internal Market Information), the Department coordinates and facilitates administrative cooperation and mutual assistance between responsible authorities of Member States on matters relating to the Single Market.

Italian version:
Dipartimento per le Politiche Europee

Head of Department

Head of Department: Diana Agosti. The Head of Department leads the Department's activities and ensures full administrative support to the Minister's Office. She is in charge of the operational objectives implementing the strategies set out in a General Directive.

Directorate General Single Market, Competitiveness and General Affairs

Director General: Fiorenza Barazzoni. Tasks: issues related to the free movement of persons, services, goods and capital in the European Union; information and communication on EU opportunities and programmes; management of the Department’s personnel and budget.

Directorate General Coordination of EU Policies

Coordination and monitoring of horizontal and sectoral EU policies; running the Secretariat of the Interministerial Committee for EU Affairs (CIAE); carrying out the activities related to the secondment of Italian personnel to the EU institutions.

Directorate General State Aid

Director General: Valerio Vecchietti. Responsibilities: building and supporting the Italian position on State Aid at EU level; coordinating and monitoring compliance with State Aid rules; ensuring unlawful Aid recovery.

Countering misuse and abuse of the EU budget - The Italian Financial Police Anti-Fraud Unit

Head: Major General Francesco Attardi. Tasks: countering fraud against the EU budget; supporting the national Anti-fraud Committee (COLAF); member of the EU Advisory Committee for the Coordination of Fraud Prevention (COCOLAF) and in the Anti-fraud Groups (GAF) of the EU Council.

Countering misuse and abuse of the EU budget - The Italian Anti-fraud Committee

The national Anti-fraud Committee (COLAF) provides advice and coordination at national level against EU fraud and irregularities in the fields of taxation, Common Agricultural Policy and structural funds.

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