Undersecretary Amendola, "Attacking Minister Guerini means attacking Italian diplomacy. It's high time for a common foreign policy in Europe"

20 March 2022

"We have always been a reliable partner open to negotiation, it’s our tradition. Attacking Minister Guerini means attacking Italian diplomacy. The Russian statement is a declaration of powerlessness; attacking Guerini does not show strength, rather it’s a sign of weakness. This way Moscow is burning its bridges with a tradition focussed on dialogue, as shown by the Italian names set forth for a possible mediator role. Romano Prodi, for example, would be just perfect", Vincenzo Amendola, Undersecretary for European Affairs, declared in an interview with La Stampa.

Amendola expects next week's European Council to “catch up on energy, foreign policy and security. Enough with the Europe of 27 foreign policies and 27 international jealousies. If we want to play a role, we have no other way but to push more on integration. This crisis is a huge wake-up call. The time when we could close ourselves within our borders and simply comment on the war is by now over.”

And on Ukraine's entry into the EU, "We need to intensify the integration process that has underway for years. We have given a mandate to the Commission to put forward a proposal; we are now waiting for indications as to the path to follow.”

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