Amendola, "It's Europe’s time. Yes to negotiations, but intransigent to Putin's nationalism"

4 March 2022

"We must have the courage to hold dialogues and do everything to restart negotiations, in order to save Ukrainian civilians and their freedom. The temporary truce for humanitarian corridors, if implemented, is a first step, but it’s not enough. The Russian nationalist ambition to settle accounts from the past is a dangerous leap in the dark." Vincenzo Amendola, Undersecretary for European Affairs, declared to the Corriere della Sera.

"Putin wants to be a global player, demonstrating his stature with weapons and pretexts. Yet, Russia is not Putin. Russia’s head, history and economic future lie in Europe. We cannot accept to live as besieged victims of Putin's short-sighted and wicked revanchism.

The crisis in Ukraine is a decisive test. The annexation attempt must be tackled through tough sanctions and the pragmatism of those who are always ready to negotiate in order to stop the massacre of civilians. This is Europe's time. As Europe, we are united to halt this attempt to annex Ukraine to Russia. President Putin's military adventure is dastardly, and through sanctions and support for the Ukrainian forces, Europe has shown great unity.

There will be even more dramatic days, as President Macron declared, hence European unity and support for the Ukrainian people in their freedoms and their right to sovereignty is indeed crucial.

The price of this war will affect everyone, not only Italy. A European energy plan on purchases and storage is urgently needed, and the economic governance of the EU27 must be reviewed. The European Union must live up to the history we are living. We have the unrepeatable opportunity to become a cohesive institution that knows how to cope with all emergencies (energy, industry, defence) as well as to finally manage the refugee issue in solidarity."

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