Undersecretary Amendola says it’s now time to change EU immigration policies and pursue a common defence project

31 March 2022

"For the first time we are faced with a massive internal migration flow between European countries, and we have finally found the courage to dust down the Temporary Protection Directive. This must not remain an isolated gesture. I hope to see the start of a significant change in the EU approach." Vincenzo Amendola, Undersecretary for European Affairs, declared it in an interview with the newspaper Avvenire.

"The rules on the right to asylum must be inspired by fairness and legality; and the Dublin regulation does not respect this first requirement. It will be important, on the one hand, to finalise the negotiations to change EU immigration policies, and on the other hand to rapidly pursue investments in cooperation in the countries of origin and transit of migratory flows, a novelty introduced in European summits also thanks to Italy."

"No one wants a race to rearmament, a misleading expression that does not honour the choices made at European level. After decades of delays, on the occasion of the latest European Council we conceived a common foreign and defence policy project. It is a change in perspective, linked to common investments and commitment to peacekeeping missions outside the EU, which Italy cannot fail to join."

Dublin regulation , right to asylum , Ukraine , immigration policies , common defence
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