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Press releases 11 April 2022

Amendola says “Young people call for a stronger Europe. We must listen to them”

"Young European citizens are calling for a stronger Europe that is up to our changing world. We must listen to them, starting from their requests and ambitions and opening up to the reform of the Treaties." Undersecretary Amendola declared it when speaking today at the Campidoglio on the occasion of the event involving Roman high-school and university students dedicated to the Conference on the Future of Europe. "Today the future of the EU primarily relies on peace and free and democratic coexistence of peoples."

Conference on the Future of Europe

Press releases 31 March 2022

Ukraine, Amendola says Italian solidarity is on the front line in Poland 

"Two intense days on the Polish-Ukrainian border, where I experienced first-hand solidarity with Ukrainian refugees. I had the opportunity to express our support to the Polish government for this extraordinary reception effort and honour the strong commitment of the Italians operating here" Undersecretary Amendola declared upon conclusion of his institutional visit to Poland.


Press releases 23 March 2022

Amendola on the EU – United in Brussels for Ukraine, common energy and defence

"The EU is coping with the consequences of the conflict cohesively. Common defence and energy union are priority objectives", Undersecretary Amendola highlighted ahead of the European Council of 24 and 25 March. "The Italian government will go to Brussels with a strong mandate from Parliament at a crucial time for Europe and beyond".


Press releases 24 February 2022

Amendola on Ukraine, “Attack on peace unseen in the past 70 years”

"The EU has always tried in every possible way, every minute, to have summits, to have dialogues and to find a way to negotiate," Undersecretary Amendola declared. And on sanctions, he highlighted "We have always said they would be gradual so as to never yield to the logic of war and in order to open a negotiating table.”


Press releases 8 February 2022

"Growing pro-EU sentiment, let's not disappoint expectations and speed up the National Recovery and Resilience Plan"

"The new Eurobarometer data published today by the European Parliament are very encouraging. Trust, approval and a sense of belonging to the EU are increasing among Italians," Undersecretary Amendola wrote on Facebook. This is mainly thanks to the EU's response to the health and socio-economic crisis. However, the Undersecretary warned, "Let's speed up the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, a great opportunity that must be turned into real projects for change."

COVID-19 , PNRR , eurobarometer

Press releases 22 April 2021

Fraud in the EU, Amendola: 349 million euros saved thanks to COLAF, top attention to Italy’s PNRR

"Italy has 'recovered' almost €349 million up to January 2021 thanks to the action implemented by COLAF, the Anti-Fraud Committee established within our Department. As many as 761 cases of irregularities were closed in agreement with the European Commission”, Undersecretary Amendola stated it in the margins of the COLAF meeting at the Department for European Affairs. “From now on, top attention will be paid to the resources allocated by our National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and the 2021-2027 multiannual budget”.

PNRR , Next Generation EU

17 March 2021

Amendola: "Austria and Italy, together for the EU Digital Green Certificate and the vaccination campaign"

"Austria and Italy stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight against the pandemic. With Austria's Federal Minister for the EU, Karoline Edstadler, I discussed the EU coordinated response to COVID-19, with major focus on vaccines and the 'Green Digital Certificate'." Vincenzo Amendola, Undersecretary for European Affairs, stated it after meeting his Austrian counterpart, Karoline Edstadler, at Palazzo Chigi.

COVID-19 , Green Digital Certificate

Press releases 13 January 2021

Amendola announced: "The National Recovery and Resilience Plan has been approved by the Council of Ministers. It's now time to enhance it through the Chambers and social partners"

"After tonight's approval by the Council of Ministers, the next step will lie in improving the Plan together with the Parliament, Regions, local authorities and social partners. For a simpler, more sustainable and secure Italy", Minister Amendola declared on Twitter.

PNRR , Recovery Plan , National Recovery and Resilience Plan

Press releases 11 November 2020

Minister Amendola and Minister Manfredi awarded the winners of the Ezio Bosso Music Contest

On the occasion an online ceremony held on 11 November 2020, Vincenzo Amendola, Minister for European Affairs, and Gaetano Manfredi, Minister for University and Research, awarded the three talented winners of the music competition “Europe is like an orchestra, music has no borders”: Federico Agnello, Roberto Berzero, and Filippo Landi. The initiative, aimed at stimulating reflection on the idea of Europe through music, is inspired by Maestro Bosso, who always declared to be strongly pro-European.

Ezio Bosso , contest

Press releases 17 July 2019

Minister Fontana meets Ambassador to the EU Massari

Italian Minister for European Affairs, Lorenzo Fontana meets in Brussels the Permanent Representative to the European Union, Ambassador Maurizio Massari.

Lorenzo Fontana , Maurizio Massari , General affairs Council

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