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Countering misuse and abuse of the EU budget - The Italian Anti-fraud Committee

The national Anti-fraud Committee (COLAF) operates - according to Presidential Decree No 91 of May 14th  2007, Article No 3 and Law No 234 of Dec. 24th, 2012, Article No 54 - at the Department for European Policies.

Main Tasks

  • Providing advice and coordination at national level against fraud and irregularities in the fields of taxation, Common Agricultural Policy and structural funds
  • Monitoring the flow of information on undue European funds and on their recovery in case of misuse under  Regulations (CE) 1828/06 and (CE) 1848/06 and further modifications
  • Reporting to the European Commission according to Article No 325 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU)

The Committee is chaired by the political authority responsible for European Affairs (Minister or Secretary of State) or by  a delegate of him/her. It is composed by:

  • The Head of Department for European Policies
  • The Chief of the Financial Police Anti-fraud Unit
  • The Directors General of the Department for European Policies
  • The Directors General of the Ministries responsible for the fight against tax and agricultural fraud and the misuse of European funds, which are appointed by the Chair
  • The Members appointed by the national Conference of Regions, Cities and Local Authorities

The Committee’s action is supported by a technical secretariat composed by officers of  the Financial Police Anti-fraud Unit, operating at the Department for European Policies

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