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Countering misuse and abuse of the EU budget - The Italian Financial Police Anti-Fraud Unit


A special Unit of the Italian Financial Police operates – according to Law No 234 of December 24th 2012, Article No 54 – at the Department for European Policies to counter fraud against the European Union's budget. 

Main tasks

  • Providing technical support to the national Anti-fraud Committee (COLAF)
  • Providing advice and coordination at national level against EU fraud and irregularities in the fields of taxation, Common Agricultural Policy and structural funds, ensuring communication with the European Commission
  • Participating in the activities of the EU anti-fraud bodies, especially the Advisory Committee for the Coordination of Fraud Prevention (COCOLAF) and of the Anti-fraud Groups (GAF) of the EU Council; in the framework of such committees, the Unit ensures representation of the national position
  • Monitoring the flow of information (through the IT system denominated "Irregularities Management System") on undue European funds and their recovery under Regulations (EC) 1681/94 of July 11th 1994 and 1828/06 of December 8th 2006, and further modifications
  • Operating as national contact and coordination point for the “Questionnaires” on the anti-fraud activity of the European Commission, in compliance with Article No 325 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU)
  • Supporting communication between European and national institutions in order to ensure accurate information about the ongoing anti-fraud activities


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