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Hearing of Branca Rover/Scolte – Agesci Lazio

7 March 2022

Monday 7 March 2022 – Hearing of Branca Rover/Scolte

Aurelia, Silvio, Simone and Beatrice are 4 of the 50 Rover e Scolte (RS) representatives, who from December 2021 to today have participated in a round table discussion proposed and organised by the Branca RS – Agesci Lazio on the themes of the Conference on the Future of Europe. The Association of Italian catholic guides and scouts (AGESCI – Associazione Guide e Scouts Cattolici Italiani) is a youth educational association aimed at contributing, during free time and extracurricular activities, to the formation of individuals in accordance with the principles and method of scouting, adapted to boys and girls in today's Italian social reality. The Branca Rover e Scolte is aimed at young men and women aged between 16 and 20/21 years and proposes to accompany them, in a self-education commitment, towards an adult life rich in autonomy, mature ability to choose, responsibility towards themselves and others, willingness to serve others.

Hearing summary

The representatives joining the hearing session emphasised the need to protect the environment, minimise the waste of resources, and manage available energy. The winning strategy to achieve this environmental and energy change relies on the common will and commitment of both citizens and European institutions.

On the subject of health, they believe that dealing with most fragile people and those in difficulty should be the priority of community action. At this time of health, psychological and economic crisis, caused by the current pandemic, they propose to strengthen personal service organisations to support, in a fair and inclusive way, all European citizens and promote the right to health. There is a need to intensify collaboration between European countries, through the sharing of best practices, and to allocate funds for health education.

Energy independence and EU's security are two pillars for relaunching Europe's role on the global stage.

Today's debate reveals a lack of a strong sense of European belonging and citizenship. We need to form an interconnected network of states and citizens, where knowledge of and access to European cultural and development programmes is widely publicised.

The EU's technological development relies on the construction of a business sector for management, data processing and cyber security. These new infrastructures must be built in an environmentally friendly way and powered by renewable sources, so as to be a model for the achievement of UN objectives. “Furthermore, we deem it right to build a digital platform where European culture can be made accessible. Also communication should use social media profiles, with a special focus on young people in order to bring them closer to the European institutions.”

Young Scouts hope for a Union where migration is not subject to prejudice, where everyone appreciates and helps the others in order to jointly build a cohesive and integrated society.

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