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The "Convergences" magazine of public communication

The network of Communication Directors from EU Member States, candidate countries and the European Institutions presents "Convergences", the specialized magazine number 17 of the new cycle, following up a pilot project launched in the early 90s.

The current online edition started in early January 2013, with the objective of maintaining a four-monthly frequency allowing for an exchange of information on public communication main trends. The topics addressed in the magazine fully reflect the two components of the Club of Venice's agenda: communication on governments' activities and communication on Europe.

The aim of this publication is to increase exchange between communication professionals through an in-depth analysis of the main topics addressed by the Club and to provide information about the outcome of the Club's meetings, but above all to anticipate new priority issues to be discussed over the short and medium term.

"Convergences" is also meant to open the Club of Venice open to the wider public, set the ground for an open and transparent dialogue with citizens and, finally, to feed into the communication debate on Europe's political, social and cultural priorities.

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