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Trivia Quiz 2021, the online tournament on Europe is on!

1 February 2021

On what island was the first document on European unity written? How is European citizenship obtained? What can the European Union do thanks to Next Generation EU?

These are some of the over 350 questions on European history, values, opportunities and institutions on which students from primary and secondary schools, together with their teachers, will be able to compete in the Trivia Quiz 2021, the online inter-school tournament on Europe, now in its seventh edition.

The Tournament runs from 8 February to 10 May 2021. You can "practice" the Trivia Quiz by trying out the new questions and using the other multimedia tools of Italy’s “Europa=Noi” educational platform, just been updated with new contents.

This year, in order to foster distant teaching, the inter-school challenge will also allow individual students to take part in the games so that their classes can reach the top of the rankings.

Teachers who would like to know more about the Trivia Quiz and how to register their classes can log on to the Europa=Noi [IT] platform, via free registration.

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