Trivia Quiz 2022, the winners

19 May 2022

The 2021 edition of the Trivia Quiz has come to an end. Trivia Quiz is the online inter-school contest for Italian primary, secondary and high schools included in the Europa=NOI educational project, promoted by the Department for European Policies.  

More than 110 classes took part in the seventh edition of the Trivia Quiz, and this year some teams of “A Scuola di Open Coesione” (ASOC), the educational path promoted by the Department for Cohesion Policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, participated as well.

The Results

Apulia region dominated this year's edition of Trivia Quiz in terms of both participation (17 classes) and results, excelling in the two final classifications of the secondary/high school category. Milan, on the other hand, was ranked first in the primary school category. After Apulia, good participation levels were recorded among classes from Sicily (15) and Campania (11) schools.

The winners

And here is the ranking of the top three classes for each school grade. Congratulations to the winners and a big applause to all the classes, teachers and young people who participated in the Trivia Quiz despite the widespread difficulties that were not lacking this year either, confirming once again great European spirit!

Primary Schools

  • 1st classified
    5B - Istituto comprensivo A. Stoppani - Milan
    [Teacher: Cinzia La Palomenta]
  • 2nd classified
    5B - Istituto comprensivo Terralba, Primary School G. Marconi - Genoa
    [Teacher: Renata Puleo]
  • 3rd classified
    5A - Istituto comprensivo San Giuseppe Jato, Primary School G. Falcone - Palermo
    [Teacher: Giovanna Barone]

Secondary Schools

  • 1st classified
    2G - Istituto comprensivo G. Modugno-Renato Moro
    - Barletta (BT)
    [Teacher: Elisabetta Pasquale]

  • 2nd classified
    2° - Istituto comprensivo Paglietta B. Croce - Torino di Sangro (CH)
    [Teacher: Angela Cimini]

  • 3rd classified
    3A - Istituto Comprensivo Monte Argentario Isola del Giglio - R. Maltini - Grosseto
    [Teacher: Sara Magiotti]

High Schools

  • 1st classified
    4C - Istituto Tecnico Olivetti - Lecce
    [Teacher: Olga Maria Tucci]

  • 2nd classified
    2AC - Liceo "Sciascia Fermi" - Sant'Agata di Militello (ME)
    [Teacher: Patrizia Drago]

  • 3rd classified
    2BL - Liceo "Sciascia Fermi" - Sant'Agata di Militello (ME)
    [Teacher: Patrizia Drago]

"A Scuola di Open Coesione" winning teams 

  • 1st classified - Team L'Eco della Memoria
    Liceo "C. Pisacane" - Padula (SA)
    [Teacher: Annarita Pezzella]

  • 2nd classified - Team Green Lovers Twenty
    Liceo "P. Metastasio" - Scalea (CS)
    [Teacher: Irene Latorre]

  • 3rd classified  - Team Angels in the air
    Liceo "E. Fermi" - Nuoro
    [Teacher: Monica Maricosu]

  • 4th classified - Team Omega
    Istituto Superiore "T. Fazello"
    - Sciacca (AG)
    [Teacher: Emma Giannì]
  • 5th classified - Team Crazy Players
    Liceo "P. Metastasio" - Scalea (CS)
    [Teacher: Francesca Rennis]

  • 6th classified - Team Citri Iuvenes
    Liceo "P. Metastasio" - Scalea (CS)
    [Teacher: Debora Arieta]
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