The future of Europe seen by Milan students, second appointment of the “Let’s meet in…” initiative

21 January 2022

The University of Milan hosted the second appointment of the "Incontriamoci a...", (Let’s meet in…) initiative promoted by the Department for European Policies to encourage citizens, primarily young people, to participate in the Conference on the Future of Europe.

As Diana Agosti, Head of the Department for European Policies recalled in her speech, "The Conference is a great democratic exercise, primarily for new generations. These meetings are an opportunity to collect their requests."

And also in Milan, after Venice, the afternoon session was dedicated to a workshop with male and female students to discuss 'the European Union in the world', 'participatory democracy', 'the future of social Europe' (the topics, were selected among the nine themes of the Conference) but, more generally, the future of the Union.

In the coming days, a document collecting the proposals that emerged from the intense afternoon debate will be published on the website and shared on the Conference platform.

The event was opened by greetings from the authorities and institutions, followed by a session of speeches moderated by Roberto Sommella, editor-in-chief of Milano Finanza.

Speakers included MEP Patrizia Toia, Senator Alessandro Alfieri, professors from the University of Milan such as Antonio Padoa Schioppa, Massimo Condinanzi, Maurizio Ferrera, Piero Graglia and Gregorio De Felice from Intesa Sanpaolo.

The event was attended by over 150 female and male students, both in person and live online through the Teams platform.

Let’s meet in , Conference on the Future of Europe
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