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Partial access

Partial access to a regolated profession enables the professional to practise his or her activity in Italy only in the sector corresponding to that for which he or she is qualified in the Member State of origin, although this activity is part of a wider regulated profession in Italy.

Partial access does not apply to professionals benefiting from automatic recognition.

The Italian Authority may grant partial access, subject to a case-by-case assessment, if the following conditions are met:

  • the differences between the professional activity legally practised in the EU Member State of origin and the regulated profession in Italy must be such that the application of compensation measures does not enable the applicant to complete the training programme required by Italian legislation in order to have full access to the regulated profession;
  • the professional activity can be objectively separated from other activities related to the regulated profession in Italy;
  • the professional is fully qualified to practice, in the State of origin, the professional activity for which he or she requests partial access.

Where the Authority grants partial access, the professional shall pursue his/her activity under the professional title of the EU Member State of origin.

Recognition of professional qualifications
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