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Applying for recognition of professional qualification

European citizens who intend to work permanently in Italy must apply for recognition of their professional qualification to the competent Italian authority.

The application is accompanied by the following evidence:

  • copy of identity card (or equivalent document) proving nationality;
  • copies of attestations of competence or evidence of formal qualifications giving access to the profession and, where appropriate, a certificate of professional experience
  • full information on their training course (subjects studied, exams, course duration);
  • certificate from the competent authority of the country of origin stating whether the profession is regulated in that country, the requirements to be met for obtaining that professional qualification and the level of the qualification in relation to Article 11 of Directive 2005/36/EC;
  • certificate stating the nature and duration of their professional experience for professions listed in Annex IV of the Directive

For sectoral professions (doctor, nurse responsible for general care, dentist, veterinary surgeon, midwife, pharmacist and architect), are also required:

  • certificate of conformity with the Directive;
  • certificate of professional integrity (good standing).

Both certifications must be issued by the competent authority of the country of origin.

The Italian Authority must:

  • within one month of application receipt, notify the applicant that his/her application for recognition has been received and if any required evidence is missing;
  • within four months of receiving the request, complete the procedure for the recognition of the professional qualification.
Recognition of professional qualifications
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