Task Force for the EU infringement procedures

CoordinatorVito Poli

Director: Lidia Germani

email: struttura@politicheeuropee.it

The  Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 30 July 2018 confirmed the Task Force for EU infringement procedures under the responsibility of the Minister for European Policies and until the end of the government's mandate. The task force had been established in 2006.

It operates with  two main tasks of overriding importance for the Government’s European policy:

  • preventing EU infringement procedures; in this regard the task force works at ensuring a timely implementation of the European law, by promptly intervening upon notice from the European Commission.
  • strengthening the coordination of activities targeted at the resolution of EU infringement proceedings; to such  purpose, the Task Force assists and coordinates national administrations in their negotiations with the European Commission, thus contributing to the resolution of infringement proceedings and  reduction in the number of litigations.

Since its establishment, the Task Force has given a fresh impetus to the management of infringement procedures and has facilitated communication with the European Commission on several issues, providing reply to the EC requests of information, letters of formal notice and reasoned opinions, also through regular meetings with the authorities involved in the alleged infringements.


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