Assignment of powers to the Minister of European Affairs, Paolo Savona

Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers, 27 June 2018 – summary -

Art. 1

As from the 14th of June 2018, Professor Paolo Savona is designated as Minister of European Affairs, with the following responsibilities:

a) promoting and coordinating the implementation of EU policies in Italy and the Italian participation in the EU decision-making process;

b) coordinating all activities related to the participation of the national Parliament in the EU legislation building process, under Law No 234 of the 24th December 2012;

c) convening and chairing the Inter-ministerial Committee for European Affairs (CIAE) with the aim to build shared national positions for an effective participation in the EU decision-making process and to ensure effective fulfilment of duties provided for by said Law No. 234;

d)in partnership with responsible Ministers, ensuring participation in the EU Council meetings:

1) in the General Affairs configuration;

2) in the Competitiveness configuration;

3) with regard to the eurozone regulation.

e) contributing - in cooperation with relevant Ministers - to the formulation of proposals of amendment of the Treaties and of the European Law;

f) cooperating with the Minister of Economy and Finance:

1) in delivering the Government’s economic policy, in particular in view of the National Reform Programme as well as in the public investment planning phase. This activity is carried out in consideration of the estimated impact of such policies and in compliance with the criteria and obligations deriving from the participation of Italy to the Monetary Union;

2) in submitting public expenditure proposals based on the analysis of Eurostat and Istat data.

ensuring harmonization of EU and national legislation as well as the conformity of national draft laws to EU standards; the Minister for European Affairs also chairs the national Committee against fraud affecting the EU budget (COLAF);

h) together with the responsible Ministers, assessing the lodging of appeals before the EU Court of Justice, especially when national interests are at stake, as well as the entering into ongoing proceedings;

i) in partnership with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, involving national and regional administrations, private stakeholders and social partners in the EU decision-making process, in order to shape a shared Italian stance;

l) ensuring public administrations’ consistent and timely compliance with EU obligations, as well as effective action to prevent disputes and enforce the decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union, while keeping the Parliament informed about ongoing legislative proceedings and government initiatives;

m) in agreement with the Minister for Regional Affairs, convening, and co-chairing the European session of the Standing Conference for relations between the State, the regions and the autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, with the aim to strike a balance between the needs of regional powers and the EU decision-making building process;

n) in agreement with the Minister of Home Affairs convening and co-chairing the special session of the State, Cities and local entities Conference dedicated to the aspects of the EU policies impacting on local interests;

o) ensuring the transposition of EU legislation into the Italian legal system, by presenting the Annual European Delegation bill, the Annual European bill and other urgent provisions, after consideration of the indications provided by concerned administrations, by the Parliament’s resolutions and by the State/Regions Conference’s advice. The Minister also follows the bills’ parliamentary process and the subsequent implementation of the approved laws and provisions (refer to: Law No. 234 of 2012);

p) presenting the annual Reports to the Parliament as well as other reports provided for by Law No. 234 of 2012;

q) coordinating at national level, together with the responsible ministers, implementation of European regulatory agencies’ decisions;

r) through the most appropriate means, spreading information about the national legislation transposing EU rules, which grant rights in matter of free movement of persons and services to citizens or make easier for them to exercise such rights;

s) promoting information on EU activities aimed at strengthening awareness about EU citizenship, in cooperation with European institutions, public administrations, regional institutions, social partners, and the interested non-governmental organizations;

t) providing training on EU-related issues to both public officials and private actors, at national level, as well as towards candidate and third countries, in cooperation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, also through long-distance learning instruments and twinning programmes.


Art. 2

In the framework of his responsibilities, the Minister also:

a) establishes agreements and understandings between the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and other administrations, necessary for such administrations’ activity;

b) designates the representatives of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to organizations, commissions, committees, advisory bodies, technical and study working groups, operating in other administrations and institutions;

c) establishes advisory and study committees as well as specialised working groups;

d) promotes and provides counselling, training and applicative tools, for a better and more timely use of EU structural and direct funds by public bodies, regional and provincial administrations, other local institutions, private stakeholders and non-governmental organizations.

Art. 3

In filling his duties, the Minister avails himself of the administrative support of the Department for European Policies; he establishes the Department’s objectives and programs and assesses its work.

Art. 4

The Minister is allowed to exercise his responsibilities through Secretary of State Luciano Barra Caracciolo, head of section at the Council of State.


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