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Technical Evaluation Committee

The Technical Evaluation Committee (CTV) operates in the framework of the EU legislation building process preparing national positions in view of the meetings of the Inter-ministerial Committee on European Affairs (CIAE). Its activity is regulated by Decree of the President of the Republic no. 119 of 2015, July 2nd establishing its main tasks:

  • the Committee prepares the dossiers on EU proposals and collects the positions of all competent administrations so as to reach a shared stance . CTV’s decisions can be submitted to the CIAE’s approval where needed;
  • The Committee is also in charge of forwarding Italian positions to the national representatives in Brussels which are entrusted with bringing them to the attention of the EU institutions;
  • It also ensures the follow-up of CIAE’s decisions.

The Committee can establish working groups on specific topics.

Members of the CTV are representatives from public administrations, appointed by their own Minister. In case of issues involving regions and autonomous provinces, the representatives of such authorities are also admitted to take part. Representatives fromthe National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI), the Union of Italian Provinces (UPI) and the National Union of Mountain Municipalities, Communities and Bodies (UNCEM) also participate in the Committee when matters falling within their competence are discussed. Representatives of regulation and surveillance authorities are also invited in case of issues within their remit.


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