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8 March 2019

Italy, President Mattarella accepts resignation of Minister for EU policies


The President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella  has signed the presidential decree accepting Professor Paolo Savona’s  resignation  from the office of Minister without portfolio.

On the same day, the President has nominated the former Minister to the seven- year chairmanship of the Italian Companies and Exchange Commission (CONSOB).

The Minister's staff

On carrying out his duties, the Minister for European Policies relies on personal staff recruited on basis of personal trust.

Task Force for the EU infringement procedures

Tasks: preventing EU infringement procedures and enhancing resolution of pending cases; in this framework assisting public administrations in their negotiations with the European Commission.

Ministers since 1987

This section provides the list of Ministers and State Secretaries in charge of or delegated to European Affairs and Policies since 1987. It also indicates the starting and ending dates of office, the former one corresponding to the oath of office before the President of the Republic (for Ministers) or the Prime Minister (for State Secretaries).

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