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Vincenzo Amendola was appointed Minister for European Affairs on 5 September 2019.

Task Force for the EU infringement procedures

The  Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 2 October 2019 confirmed the Task Force for EU infringement procedures under the responsibility of the Minister for European Policies and until the end of the government's mandate. The task force had been established in 2006.

Interministerial Committee on European Affairs

Italy's Interministerial Committee for European Affairs (CIAE) was established under Law No. 234 of 24 December 2012, setting forth general rules on Italy's participation in the formation and implementation of legislation and policies of the European Union. Its main purpose is to ensure, at political level, a unitary national position on EU legislative proposals and policies.

Ministers since 1987

This section provides the list of Ministers and State Secretaries in charge of or delegated to European Affairs and Policies since 1987. It also indicates the starting and ending dates of office, the former one corresponding to the oath of office before the President of the Republic (for Ministers) or the Prime Minister (for State Secretaries).

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