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European Year of Cultural Heritage

2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

The European cultural heritage  is made of  works of art, history and common values, and represents both the richness and diversity of our cultural traditions.

We can find it everywhere around us, in small town as well as in big cities, in natural landscapes and in the legacy of the past. Cultural heritage is many things: monuments, archaeological sites, works of art and architecture, traditions, ancient wisdoms, expressions of human creativity, museums, libraries and archives collections.

The European Year of cultural heritage’s objective is to encourage people to enjoy , share and give value to the common cultural resources , to raise awareness about history and common values and to strengthen the sense of belonging to a common European space. More than 1 million European citizens will take part in the 7840 events being held  across the Union, 419 of which  in Italy alone.

In Italy the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MIBACT) is responsible for the implementation of the European Year of Cultural Heritage at national level and promotes and supports the initiatives organised in this framework. To this aim a call for tender for the funding of projects related to the European Year of Cultural Heritage  is open,  in order to support comprehensive innovation projects. 21st May 2018 was the application deadline for initiatives to be implemented in the first semester 2018 and 15th September  is the deadline for initiatives to be held in the second semester.

You can follow projects, initiatives and activities for the European Year of Cultural Heritage on MIBACT and European Commission sites as well as  on social media through the following hashtags: #EuropeForCulture, #Heritage2018 and #PatrimonioItalia.


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