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“Europa=NOI”, a toolkit for Italian schools

“Europa=Noi” is an educational toolkit developed by the Department for European Policies since 2010. It provides schools with multimedia contents and tools on the European history, values and institutions with a particular focus on the EU citizenship rights and the Treaties that earmarked the EU building process.

Over the years, about 50 meetings held across the country have rounded up more than 6,000 teachers, thanks to the collaboration of Regional School Commissioners and “Europe Direct” centres. At now, more than 10,000 Italian teachers use the platform.

For the European Year of Citizens in 2012, the project was financed jointly by the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Department for European Policies. The collaboration of the Ministry of Education, University and Scientific Research ensured translation into English of both contents and tools.

On 10th December of that year, on the occasion of the Nobel Peace Prize awarding to the EU, the President of the Council of Ministers addressed Italian headmasters a letter—including a multimedia CD—encouraging teachers to make use of the “Europa=Noi” toolkit “when pursuing the key task of raising awareness on the EU among young generations in an easy and informal way”.

The toolkit was also presented to the Council’s Working Party on Information and published on the EU Commission’s website among national best practices. Some Member States (such as Latvia, Ireland, Luxembourg, Germany) have shown interest in the project and envisaged a translation into their national language.

“Europa=Noi” aims at giving schoolchildren and young students the opportunity to discover the European Union through easy-to-understand multimedia contents and tools, in line with the psychological and educational needs of each school level.

  • “Europa=Noi” Living Book, for primary school (in Italian and English)
  • “Europa=Noi” Open Mind, for lower secondary school (in Italian and English)
  • “A scuola di Europa” Open Mind, for upper secondary school (in Italian and English)
  • “I Trattati di Roma” Open Mind, for lower and upper secondary school (in Italian only)

An interactive training section is also available for teachers, including:

  • The interactive Agenda for teachers “A scuola di Europa”
  • The operational digital Guide for teachers
  • Educational material for the proper use of multimedia tools

Based on “Europa=noi” materials, every year a challenge called Trivia Quiz is held, involving schools in an online game in which the winner is the class that answers the highest number of questions about the EU in the shortest possible time.

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