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Direct EU funds

The Department for European Policies promotes training and information on direct EU funds.

Direct EU funds are among the main EU financial tools. They are directly provided by the European Commission to beneficiaries, such as Public Administrations and private individuals.

The Department for European Policies organises seminars across the country, in collaboration with the European Institute of Public Administration, to set out the opportunities offered by the EU in the area of directly managed funds.

The events are aimed at illustrating the European programmes of the EU’s financial cycle.

In this framework a dedicated website provides information on the opportunities to obtain direct funding from European institutions, in several areas.

In 2018 the seminars are organised on a regional basis under the title “Una regione compiutamente europea” (a fully European region).

“Regions meet Europe”

The Department for European Policies holds a series of meetings aimed at promoting the dialogue with regions and bringing them closer to Europe.

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