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25 years of the EU Single Market

The EU single market celebrates its 25th anniversary! Since 1st January 1993, Europe has grown, removed a large number of internal barriers and promoted ever deeper integration. Today the European Union is the largest economic area in the world, encompassing more than 500 million citizens from 28 Member States (plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland), which enjoy free access to the goods, services, jobs and trade opportunities offered by the Single Market, thus generating a 13 trillion Euro GDP and over 2.8 million additional jobs.


The Department for European policies is in charge of issues related to the free movement of persons and services in the internal market, as well as the implementation of EU legislation in the matter at national level. It provides assistance for the recognition of professional qualifications and hosts the Italian SOLVIT Centre. Furthermore, it ensures administrative cooperation between Member States’ authorities through the IMI system.

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