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Single Digital Gateway advantages

Citizens and businesses intending to move to another EU country face many obstacles due to often complex legislations and procedures.

The search for information also may not be easy and the user redirected to several websites that sometimes do not contain the right information or do not ensure high-quality and reliability.

Many procedures still work on paper-based systems or have to be carried out in an office, which is often a waste of time and money for both businesses and citizens.

In addition, cross-border citizens and businesses often face difficulties in accessing administrative procedures across borders because of the scarse availability of efficient systems or simply because they are not aware of the possibility to benefit from assistance services available to solve their problems.

With the aim of filling the gap, the European Parliament and the Council have adopted Regulation no.1724/2018 
establishing the Single Digital Gateway and regulating its operation. The regulation has been in force since December 12, 2018.

What is the Single Digital Gateway

The Single Digital Gateway is a common user interface managed by the European Commission, which will be soon accessible through Your Europe, the EU portal, already providing access to EU and Member State websites.

Once operating, the service will become a single point of access to information on the rules in force at national and European level in several areas, includingn business, employment, education, health and taxation.

Implementation steps

As from 12 December 2020, EU citizens and businesses wishing to move across borders have the opportunity to get information on the EU and national legislation applicable to the exercise of their rights in the internal market. The fields of information are listed at Annex I to the Regulation [click here to read -IT]. Information falling under the responsibility of local authorities will be available from 12 December 2022.

Citizens and businesses, in the event of doubts on the legislation to be applied or problems for accessing a procedure, will be able to get helpfrom the assistance and problem-solving services listed in Annex III of the Regulation [click here to read assistance services - IT]  

Furthermore, as from 12 December 2023, citizens and businesses will be able to manage online the administrative procedures provided for in Annex II of the Regulation [click here to read the online procedures - IT]. For example, requesting a proof of birth registration, registering a change of residence or filing a business tax return.

Member States must ensure that all the information required by the Regulation is available in their own language/languages and in at least one other widely understood official language which has been identified as English.

The Gateway will include a tool for measuring users’ satisfaction as well as the possibility to make anonymous comments on the quality and availability of the information and services provided through the Gateway.

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