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Monitoring and Coordination

The Department for European Policies, and in particular the Directorate General Coordination of EU Policies is constantly monitoring and analysing all issues under discussion in the ten configurations of the EU Council. It also ensures coordination of the competent State administrations in the EU legislation-building process, with the aim of drawing national positions on EU legislation initiatives, as well as on EU issues considered as a priority by the Government.

Such activity is functional to the preparation of the meetings of the Inter-ministerial Committee on European Affairs (CIAE)  and  of the Technical evaluation Committee (CTV). For this purpose, the Directorate runs the Secretariat activities both of the CIAE and the CTV, in view of the meetings.

The monitoring action consists in analysing the various issues under discussion at EU level , following  the priorities set in  the multiannual and annual work programs of the European Commission, and of the EU Council’s Trio and rotating Presidency . For each issue, the Directorate ensures  coherence and sustainability of  positions during negotiations in the various working groups  and detects possible critical issues related  to the national interest. 


Monitoring of the EU Council

The Department for Coordination of European Policies monitors the activities of the different configurations of the EU Council with particular attention to the dossiers considered to be priorities.

SNEs - Seconded National Experts

Seconded National Experts (SNEs) are civil servants recruited by European institutions for a maximum period of six years, with the double objective of gaining further knowledge of  EU mechanisms while providing the EU with their expertise.

Access to EU documents

The DPE - Department for European Policies is the National Contact for the application of Regulation (EC) 1049/2001 on public access to documents of the European Parliament, the European Council, and the European Commission.


The Department has a national coordinating role in the negotiation phases in many sectors. Among the main dossiers processedad hocand through the CTV and the CIAE: Technical Evaluation Committee Interministerial Committee for European Affairs (CIAE) European Semester/preparation of the PNR Monetary Economic Union Multiannual Financial Framework European Pillar of Social Rights (European Accessibility Act, Work-life balance) Environment, Energy, and Climate Maritime Spatial Planning

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