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Services Directive

The Directive on services in the internal market (Services Directive) was adopted by the European Council on 12 December 2006 and published in the Official Journal of the European Union L 376/36 of 27 December 2006.

Italy has transposed the Directive into national law by Legislative Decree No 59 of 26 March 2009, published in the Italian Official Journal No 94 of 23 April 2010.

The Services Directive aims at facilitating freedom of establishment for service providers and freedom of provision of services in other Member States . It is also intended to broaden the range of choice and improve the quality of services for consumers and businesses.


Directive 2006/123/EC of 12 December 2006 on services in the internal market [pdf-216 KB] (OJEC L 376/36 of 27 December 2006)

Legislative Decree 26 March 2010 No 59 (implementation of Directive 2006/123/EC) – available in Italian

Legislative Decree 6 August 2012, No 147 – available in Italian

Information materials

Services Directive Brochure [1.16 Mbytes]

User Guide: Offers to businesses, public administration, professionals and recipients of services a tool for a better understanding of the directive and the complex procedures for accessing and exercising services activities.



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