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Goods Package

The “Goods package”, tabled by the European Commission on 20 December 2017, provides a set of actions for the benefit of European businesses and consumers. The objective is, on the one hand, to reduce administrative charges and obstacles to free movement of goods, and, on the other hand, to prevent sale of unsafe products through tighter market controls.

These actions are intended to strengthen the Single Market which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018 and represents one of the greatest EU achievements in terms of opportunities for citizens and businesses. However, such opportunities do not always materialize, because rules are not known, not implemented or simply undermined by unjustified barriers.

The Goods package is composed of a Communication entitled “Reinforcing trust in the single market” and  two proposals for Regulations: one on mutual recognition of goods and the other on enforcement of Union harmonization legislation on products 

The "mutual recognition" principle ensures that products not subject to EU-wide regulation can, in principle, move freely within the Single Market, if they are lawfully marketed in one Member State. This principle should allow businesses to sell their products across Europe without any additional requirements. In practice, however, EU entreprises often face unjustified barriers, delays and extra costs. The new Regulation introduces clearer measures and faster procedures for both  businesses and administrations. 

The proposal for a regulation on enforcement of Union harmonization legislation on products aims at reinforcing the application of EU common safety rules on goods. The objective is to protect businesses from unfair competition while reassuring consumers that goods being sold (online and offline) are safe for their health and the environment.

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